Founded in 2019 by veteran musicians Chot Walters and Paul Sterling, Hooker Hill embarked on an exhilarating musical journey. In 2021, Si Jargo joined forces with them, co-creating their hit single 'Rock Your Life.' The addition of Cassandra Limon in 2022 brought soulful vocals and keyboard prowess, expanding their sonic palette.

In 2024, the band welcomed George Nardo (aka J. Williams), whose guitar excellence and global experience in recording and touring contributed to the creation of their upcoming album, 'All the Kings Men,' set to release in 2024. In April 2024, the fires of Hooker Hill were further stoked with the addition of Carlos Rios.

Hailing from Tucson, AZ, Hooker Hill delivers original hard rock with a distinctive heavy groove, melodic hooks, and soulful vocals, appealing to a diverse audience. They've captivated local crowds in Tucson and Phoenix and had the honor of opening for the Mammoth WVH tour. Their music has also resonated with listeners across the United States through private Internet radio shows.

The band has maintained a steady release schedule, offering a variety of rock-infused singles, including 'Rock Your Life,' 'Soundtrack,' 'Blood, Sweat and Fear,' 'Devil's Canyon,' 'Once Mine,' and 'Power of Music' in 2023, ensuring a continuous flow of dynamic tunes for fans of all backgrounds to enjoy.

Hooker Hill is...

Queen Cass

Vocals and Keys

"Music is magic filled with such depth, substance, and colors." - Queen Cass

Queen Cass was born and raised on the south side of Tucson, Arizona. Her father, who is a musician himself, introduced her to music at an early age. at the age of 7, she started playing in her family band with her father and brother as a vocalist and keyboard player. That's where her journey and love for music began. since then, Queen Cass has been playing at various venues around Arizona for 25 years. she has always moved with gratitude and respect for her craft. She expresses her soul and heart through music on stage - you will feel it. That is who she is...

Freddie Mercury, Prince, Bono, Robert Plant, Steven Tyler, Ronnie James Dio, Janis Joplin, David Bowie, Elton John, and many more were influential and continue to influence the artist she is today. the moment Queen Cass realized her gift through the sound of music, she knew this was her purpose in life. her desire and aspiration to write original music have always been present. thankfully, she is now creating with hooker hill.

"I'm grateful for my connection with and through music."  - Queen Cass

Paul Sterling


Music is the allowable flow of thought and emotion varied by simple or complex dynamics applied to one’s instrument of choice, choose accordingly.” 

Paul Sterling is an American rock music bassist and songwriter who lives in the Southwest, United States. He began learning music during elementary school and continued through high school and college. His first experiences playing and performing music in group settings were with friends, at school concerts, and, talent shows helping to form a musical foundation.        

In 2010 and 2011 while taking a break from bands, Paul took lessons from country bassist, Gerald (Gerry) Henry Ptak who shared the stage with some of the country’s top entertainers, such as John Denver, Conway Twitty, Lee Greenwood, Tower of Power, and Sarah Vaughn. It was pivotal as Gerry’s encouragement, influence, and instruction provided music theory and bass fundamentals until Gerry’s passing in June 2011.   

Paul uses either finger or pick when playing and incorporates effects such as wah, overdrive, synth, and chorus. He credits notable bassists: Duff McKagan, Glenn Hughes, Geddy Lee, and Stu Hamm as helping to develop his technique and style. Paul’s uses Fender and Lakland bass guitars, Elixir strings, Mesa Boogie amplifiers, and cabinets.    

Notable projects Paul has been part of: Gravesend, The Bright Lights, Angelic to Ashes, and Dream Warriors: A Dokken Tribute. Paul’s bass playing can be heard with Gods of Wrath, The Billy Moon Project, and most recently, Hooker Hill from Tucson, AZ. 

Chot Walters


Charles “Chot” Walters is an American drummer raised in New Jersey, where his interest in music started at an early age.  His first performance was at 8 years of age which started the fire that still burns today.  Although Chot taught himself how to play the drums his perseverance and dedication to his craft were the driving force to become the musician he is today. His appreciation of music and open-mindedness is ever present in his sound.  Eventually, moving to Arizona, he would find himself writing, performing, and recording all genres of music with a variety of artists. 

Chot was born in the Autumn of 1960 and raised in New Jersey.  "My father was an active Top 40 drummer, so I was always surrounded by music and always had drums in the house. I had this huge record collection when I was young and loved the Beatles and then later Led Zeppelin and of course, how could you be a drummer and not be a Rush fan?  Drums found me at an early age."

Chot’s influences include John Bonham, Billy Cobham, Neil Peart, Jason Bonham, Alex Van Halen and, bands ZZ Top, Black Stone Cherry and, Joe Bonamassa.  

Check out Chot Walter's Solo Project - Unsupervised

Photo Credit: Leanna Stetson

Carlos Rios


Carlos Rios is a seasoned guitar virtuoso hailing from the vibrant shores of Puerto Rico. With over 25 years of experience under his belt, Carlos has become a true maestro of the strings, infusing his passion for rock music into every riff and chord. His journey as a guitarist is a testament to his unwavering dedication and love for the craft, captivating audiences with his electrifying performances and talent.