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Band Bio

Short Bio

Hooker Hill is a hard rock band from Tucson, AZ, known for their heavy groove, melodic hooks, and soulful vocals. They perform locally in Tucson and Phoenix and have opened for Mammoth WVH tour. Hooker Hill's music is also streaming on rock radio shows across the US and the UK. Visit to learn more.

Longer Bio

Founded in 2019 by long-time musicians Chot Walters and Paul Sterling, Hooker Hill has become a force to reckon with. Comprising Queen Cass on vocals and keys, Chot Walters on drums and percussion, Paul Sterling on bass, and Si Jargo on lead guitar and vocals, the band has a distinct sound steeped in hard rock with an intense soulful vocal delivery.  In 2020, Hooker Hill released their debut single, "Rock Your Life," and followed it up in 2021 with two more singles, "Soundtrack" and "Blood, Sweat and Fear." In 2023 they released three singles, "Devil's Canyon, Once Mine and Power of Music.  Check us out at 

High-Resolution Band Images

Hooker Hill Live Image 

(Photo Credit: Rex Scofield